Executive committee
Managing Director , 0403040504
Master of Economic Sciences Kati Korhonen has over 10 years of experience of the product development within the IT sector and of services offered to companies and communities. Kati specializes in company services offered by Elisa to companies. The combination of a higher education degree and long service in the business sector is a benefit when offering expert services. In the winter Kati enjoys cross-country skiing and in the summer time she can be found in the trails running or on the deck of a H-boat.
Partner, 0403040501
Master of Science in Technology Markus Torkki has over 20 years experience in the IT-sector of which over 10 years he has worked in managerial positions in the development of operator services at TeliaSonera. Therefore he has a lot of experience as an expert in the supply and development of IT solutions for companies and communities in all areas of IT. In his leisure Markus enjoys ice hockey and tennis.
Partner, 0403040502
Eero Taipale holds vocational qualifications in business and administration and has over 20 years experience in managerial positions of companies offering different kinds of IT services (for example: Sonera and Telia). Eero has a lot of experience and a strong know-how on networked IT services for companies and communities. In his leisure Eero enjoys sailing and playing tennis.
Partner, 0403040516
Jyrki Saikko is from Espoo and holds vocational qualifications in business and administration. He has a strong know-how on IT and the contact center solutions of companies. Jyrki worked eight years for Sonera with IT solutions for companies as his area of responsibility. He has worked in the business for 20 years and holds professional skills in the entire sector of IT. In his leisure Jyrki can be found playing golf, fishing, playing badminton or cycling.
Partner, 0403040506
Master of Science in Technology Minna Torkki has over 10 years of experience in the IT sector. Previously she has worked in product development at Elisa. Minna has a strong knowledge on the supply of expert services in IT and combining them with operating system solutions. An ex-tennis professional Minna can be bumped into at the gym or skiing in addition to the tennis courts.
Partner, 0403040508
Max Kankainen has over 20 years of experience of supplying IT for companies and communities. Max specializes in the integration of IT and the customers’ device and operating system solutions. In his free time Max enjoys fishing and sports.
Partner, 0403040505
Marko Jämsänen has over 10 years of experience of providing the services of Somic to companies and communities. Marko is an expert on contact center services. In his free time Marko loves to play floor ball, rink ball, skiing and surfing.
Managing Director, Somic Turku Oy, 0403040510
Managing Director Juha Palonen is a long-term player in the field of teleservices and has built versatile speech and IT services for companies in Southwest Finland for over 25 years. Juha has all-round knowledge of the telefield, for instance of the different solution models of operators. He can also see things from the customer’s perspective as he has a long work experience as the Managing Director of an electric contractor company. Juha holds many positions of responsibility and likes to travel and spend time at his summerhouse in Parainen.
Partner, Somic Turku Oy, 0403040528
Educated in the field of electrics and IT Nico has several years of experience in the field of customer service and sales. Nico enjoys playing ice-hockey and golf and going to the gym. Nico is the newest addition to the Turku team and the most recently named partner of Somic.
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