The traditional information technology has moved more and more towards the transmission of information. Somic started its business in the summer of 2002 by producing communication services for tele-and mobile devices. Somic has long been where the more traditional IT sector is on its way. IT increasingly involves the transmission of information between people and devices.

Today IT is needed in the transmission of data using various services including e-mail, social media, files, SMS, MMS, videos, virtual meetings, calendar files, operations control, customer registers, synchronized messages, remote access files and traditional phone calls. One could even say that IT has come to us.

Somic is owned by nine employees. The founders and main owners are Managing Director Markus Torkki and Deputy Managing Director Eero Taipale. Markus Torkki became familiar with entrepreneurship already in childhood: his grandparents had a village store that was an important meeting point for the people in the archipelago village in addition to serving as a grocery store. When going out for groceries people would share the most recent news and gossip. The store had a wooden LM Ericsson, a telephone attached to the wall and it was in constant use by the villagers. Messages to near and far, official and familiar where transmitted using the phone.

Also Eero Taipale, the Deputy MD, got to know what entrepreneurship was as a child as Eero’s grandfather had a store in Hämeenlinna. When he was working at the store during the summers Eero noted already at a young age that customer service is made of small details and noticing people.

The first office of Somic was located on Käenkuja in Helsinki. By 2005 the business had expanded to Espoo and Vantaa. In the beginning the company employed only a few people but during its 12 years of business Somic has become and developed into a versatile and respected company in the field of IT.

Its first customer was Kaha Oy. During the years Somic has delivered IT services for hundreds of companies.

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